Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cloud Computing (2) Data, Services and Technology

Cloud computing’s true value to business is becoming clearer by the day: faster innovation, new collaboration platforms and new engagement models are all creating a better customer experience.
Just as colleagues and managers in an organization can share knowledge via cloud computing, so can customers do their research, collaborate with others, and tap social media before making any decision to purchase products or services from that organization.  The old sales and marketing campaign long fell by the wayside, it seemed, with the emergence of Google and Wikipedia, plus Facebook and Twitter.  The evolution of customer behavior and experience prompted - undoubtedly drove - the need for more specialized data, more real-time apps, and more sophisticated technology, all of which, for small to medium size enterprises, may be too cost-prohibitive to acquire outright.  I see more clearly now than before that cloud computing is rife with options and reach.

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