Monday, June 30, 2014

RVC^ on Leadership and Strategy

1. Leadership and Strategy.  Even though eyes may be trained more on business methods, such as Balanced Scorecard or Six Sigma, leadership remains the most important factor for success. Be sure you focus where you ought to, first.  

What you expect >Lead with greater impact

What we deliver 

  • Consult on best strategies to hit targets and meet challenges
  • Offer value-add assessment and high-impact leadership insight 
  • Optimize talent, realize potential, coach executive leadership 

This is one of three areas Ron Villejo Consulting focuses and delivers on.  I thought to capture quotes that speak evocatively to the essence of what I do for top leaders:

We cannot fully or always ensure success, but we can position ourselves for it systematically

Success is just as good of a teacher as failure, but our personality makes one or the other better

Awkward and uncomfortable are part of accomplishing something meaningful,
but I believe it is better to widen our comfort zone than persuade, motivate
or otherwise will ourselves to move out of it.

Thank you for reading, and let me know what you think!

Ron Villejo, PhD

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