Monday, April 28, 2014

Important Work Skills and Theory of Algorithms

important work-skills

I initially posted this awesome infographic under Short Takes on People, another of my leadership blogs, and then realized it warranted a longer coverage.  So here I tie it to my Theory of Algorithms and The Core Algorithm.

Theory of Algorithms is a framework for solving problems and completing tasks, and it aims to do so in a better way than we've done before. It is also a way of knowing things in our world more sharply and deeply. So in this regard, it aims to be a complete epistemology, too.

Many people think of algorithms as mathematical formulas for solving problems or as computer code for doing calculations. How do I define algorithms? As conceptual, mathematical and procedural: in other words, theoretical, numerical and practical.
Put in another way, Theory of Algorithms is my attempt to account for things we do not know, for a future we cannot readily predict, and for a complexity that is of a tall order.  In essence, it is a framework for Sense Making and Novel and Adaptive Thinking.

An algorithm is a method for solving a problem or steps for accomplishing a task. Yes, it is often a math formula or codes for computer programming. When you search for information on 'apple,' for example, sophisticated Google algorithms can determine whether you mean the fruit 'apple' or the company 'Apple.'

But in my use of the term, an algorithm is mathematical and non-mathematical (i.e., conceptual and practical). Of course, you may call it whatever makes sense to you: for example, rules, steps or directions.

My aim is to draw on a wide range of knowledge, ideas and experience - from Math and Physics, to sports and fitness, plus much more - to help us deal better with the smaller to larger issues we face: from managing time and conserving resources; to hitting tough targets and realizing an ROI; to coming to grips with poverty and conflict. 
I call it The 'Core' Algorithm, because it is applicable across a wide range of issues.
While Theory of Algorithms is a conceptual framework, The Core Algorithm is a practical applications model.  As such, it speaks to Virtual Collaboration and Design Mindset, those skills having to do more with doing or getting things done.

Please feel free to view any or all of the introductory videos in the following playlists:  Theory of Algorithms and The Core Algorithm.  E-mail me at, if you thoughts or queries for me.

Thank you for reading, and let me know what you think!

Ron Villejo, PhD

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