Wednesday, October 1, 2014

'Papa' John Schnatter on Leadership and People

I love football, and often see Papa John's Founder and CEO John Schnatter hawking pizza with Denver Broncos star Peyton Manning in NFL commercials.  Such sponsorship is no small deal, so I was curious to know just a bit more about the prominent pizzeria.  I posted the following videos and articles, along with comments and quotes:

In 1983 John Schnatter converted a closet, bought used equipment, and sold pizza to his father's tavern customers.

Papa John's John Schnatter and NFL Network Steve Mariucci

"Better pizza. Better ingredients." is its tagline. But Papa John's doesn't tell us about those ingredients.

CEOs in general avoid speaking out on politics, but John Schnatter adds his "2 cents" (er, 11 - 14 cents) on Obamacare.

CNN has to extrapolate the math behind the impact of Obamacare, because Papa John's declined to share it, and concludes that ironically it doesn't matter. 

Consistency and collaboration are key ingredients for Papa John's staffers.

John Schnatter gives us 'ballpark' wage figures for his staffers.

Papa John's has 1200+ restaurants in 36 countries and territories

Reference: 'Papa' John Schnatter: Dealing With Fast International Growth.

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