Monday, May 9, 2016

Georg Schmitt - How can we preserve our cultural heritage?

Museums, concert halls and archaeological and heritage sites are some of the many cultural targets of violent extremism in the past 12 months alone. The destruction of tangible and intangible heritage has major implications, ranging from freedom of speech and collective identity, to looting and the financing of terrorism. Public-Private cooperation that allows for the securing and the flourishing of heritage is more needed than ever. 
  • Nico Daswani, Programme Lead, Arts and Culture, World Economic Forum
  • Richard Kurin, Acting Provost; Undersecretary for Museums and Research, Smithsonian Institution, USA
  • Martin Roth, Director, Victoria and Albert Museum, United Kingdom
  • Peter Salovey, President, Yale University, USA
  • Lynette Wallworth, Artist, Studio Wallworth, Australia
Moderated by Georg Schmitt, Lead, Corporate Affairs and Foundations, World Economic Forum

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