Monday, March 16, 2015

Julianne Moore + Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis: L’Oréal

I've always found Julianne Moore to be a graceful, talented and beautiful actress.  While her recent Academy Award for Best Actress in the inspiring film Still Alice can be celebrated, it is merely one marker in an oeuvre that spans 25 years.  In other words, this Oscar acknowledges the quality of her work, but it doesn't define it. 

I wasn't acquainted with Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis, until now.  She founded Classes 4 Classes:
Classes4Classes was founded on the belief that when we teach kids empathy and tolerance there is no room for hate.

We provide a social network that connects teachers and students with other classrooms. What better way to enhance teaching and learning a true social curriculum than by connecting?
Then, I learned about her story, in her own words:  Teaching Compassion After the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting:
In the days and weeks following December 14, 2012 I was left reeling. I was searching for answers (that would never come), desperately trying to regain a sense of security and safety. I was desperately yearning to return to the life I knew on December 13th, one that seemed a world away. Eventually I came to realize that I was never going to answer why; not then, not now, not ever. In coming to this realization I had to instead focus my energy on questions that I could answer. One stood out from the rest, and that question was, 'How do I make sure this day does not come to define my students or myself?' I didn't know the answer right away, but I knew I had to find it.
The answer for Roig-DeBellis was Classes 4 Classes, and in 2013 L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth and Points of Light Honor 10 Inspiring Women Making Beautiful Differences in their Communities:
Bound by a deep sense of purpose and appetite for change, this group of women will join the community of 70 esteemed Women of Worth honorees from the past eight years. Tackling society’s most pressing issues, from helping victims in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, to enabling terminally ill seniors accomplish their bucket lists, to building a nonprofit restaurant that helps at-risk youth learn life skills, the 2013 Women of Worth honorees are united in their quest to fuel the future.
And back to Moore:
An Oscar winning actress, Julianne is the essence of the modern woman - natural, independent, and committed. 
Her beauty transcends the generations and her firm beliefs have made her an incredibly inspiring figure.
"I am honoured to convey the idea of self-confidence with the motto Because You’re Worth it."

A major figure in the movie world, she is the essence of the modern woman: at once natural, independent, and committed. Today, L’Oréal Paris is delighted to welcome her as the Brand’s Global Ambassador.
It is my firm belief that making money (business) and doing good (philanthropy) are two sides of the same coin.  Each under girds the other, and each is an essential part of the purpose for the other.  For example, the spirit of business ought to be philanthropy, and philanthropy sustains itself by adopting an effective means for making money (i.e. business model).

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