Friday, January 23, 2015

Digital Strategy: How Digital Winners Think

Paul Willmott is a Director at the McKinsey London Office.

Digital winners are thinking broadly about whom to collaborate with. In some cases, that may include collaborating with firms that would have been considered competitors historically—or, at the very least, collaborating with firms that can share data with you.

Digital winners are also creating the right scale of investment in their IT infrastructure. It’s very hard to keep up with the pace of evolution in the digital world unless you have a flexible IT infrastructure and one that can plug and play products and services from other places. Some renovation is required in many companies.
Reference: Digital Strategy.

As I suggested in the preceding article, a graduated, step by step approach may be quite a reasonable tact in your digital strategy.  But this is so, only if you have clear line of sight on where your company needs to be, say, at the end of one year, three years, or five years.  The flexible IT infrastructure is something I don't hear very often among technology firms and management consultants, as many of them seem to push for and advise on an entire (i.e. inflexible) IT infrastructure.  Otherwise what Willmott points out can be a way to manage activity, costs and risks of executing your digital strategy.

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