Friday, August 8, 2014

Proper Sleep Under Girds Self-Management

In her TED Talk How to succeed? Get more sleep! Arianna Huffington relates how she collapsed and injured herself, all from overwork and insufficient sleep.  It's short and sweet, but chock full of wise advice for anyone with a hectic, demanding schedule.  Sleep is so fundamental, yet so under-appreciated, in American culture that people are more apt to get by with less of it than to give themselves what their body may desperately need.  Without it, any leadership program, management advice, or concerted effort in business or workplace begin to collapse.

Whether from Huffington, Entrepreneur, or any other speaker and magazine, heed the sleep suggestions that work best for you.  It may take time and effort, probably some research and conversation, to find out specifically what will work best for you.  But I want to emphasize that you are ultimately the judge of that.  It requires you to assess honestly and systematically how much sleep you need and to make sure you do what you need for proper sleep.

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